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Viking, Saga of Johan & Frigga

Saga of Johan & Fregga Book Trailer

This VIKING SAGA is of two VIKING warriors. Frigga, who is named after the VIKING GODDESS of the family, is also Captain of the guard of fifty VIKING shieldmaidens. She owns my heart, but no one owns Frigga. The second warrior is me and I am Johan, a direct descendant of the great warrior BEOWOLF. Many of my brothers have fallen from the hand of the Danes. Only the sea called Kattegat protects us from the onslaught. But now blood rage fills my veins and we shall take back that which belongs to us, our way of life, with my wife Frigga and forty ships, it is our turn to raid. Saxon, Danes I do not care. If it is treasure, they have, it is treasure we take.For we are VIKING!The much talented 7x Published Author Gin Peace has teamed up with an incredible Upcoming Author Johan Thorsen to introduce the reader to their Viking realm. The reader will take great pleasure thrusting into great battles and raids as this incredible saga takes the reader on intense journeys. This amazing book will take the reader not only on plundering raids but also on a love story like non-other, where this dynamic pair will have you lusting for more than just a first kiss. Join us if you dare….