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My Love for Disney

She was a young girl growing up in the suburbs of Detroit. Always dreaming and hoping to one day go to Disney World. She quickly put that dream in the back of her mind when she realized how tough life actually could be for a poor family with limited income. Although she didn't grow up in a privilege family she always had a "look on the bright side" attitude, however; life was not always easy as she quickly learned when she was emancipated a very young age and living sometimes on the streets of Detroit. She had become a young teenage mother who wanted more for her family, a better life. She moved her little family far away to try to give them a second chance. Finally able to support herself by working two jobs while going to college she see's a new light. Would she be able to have her dream come true? Join in reading this book to find out if and how she defeats the odds and breaks the circle. In this book you will read about her amazing journey. She is so happy to share her story that she also includes many first hand story's of her trips and many tips on how to afford to take a family to enjoy their dreams. She has included her opinion on the differences of Disney World and Disneyland. She hopes you enjoy reading this inspiring book. Please enjoy this inspiring book.