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  Jennifer lives in the beautiful Upper Peninsula, several hours from the big city where she once grew up; however, this does not stop her from traveling worldwide. She loves her Yooper lifestyle and takes extraordinary pride in where she lives, and all her area offers, such as hunting, fishing, camping, and many great outdoor activities. She enjoys traveling from road trips to going overseas, where she gains inspiration for her next book. She loves to thrift shop and is always looking for treasures. She is always authoring her next book or researching for them and running her small business. She attended NMU and Bay College, obtaining business and computer science degrees. She loves history and genealogy, has traced her family tree as far back as the 1100s, and continues to work on her family history. She also loves spending time with her family and her fur babies. 


Although she always wanted to write, she got serious about it when she was caring for her father, who was ill with cancer at a pretty young age, still in his 40s. She would sit for hours with him, and it was during those somber hours that she would write in her book to escape the pain of watching her father slip away. That book was the first in the Pirate Vixen Series, The Red Dawn. She poured every ounce of energy and emotion she had left into her book. It was suggested that the readers wanted to know more about the characters, so she wrote not one but two more books in the series and wrote the prequel, "Chance's Story," and the sequel to Chance's story, "Finnick's Story," making it a five-book set. She also started writing in her Pin Name Gin Peace for her more suggestive and adult books as she wanted to separate that genre from her other books out of respect for her family. So, she wrote the Sensual Adventures of Gin series and her Vikings Saga. 


In the future, Jennifer intends to continue writing, doing book signings, traveling, and running her small business. She is proud to be a woman's creative and a member of the Authors Guild. Always willing to help anyone who wants to learn more about becoming an Author.