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Pirate Vixen of the Red Dawn

Pirate Vixen of the Red Dawn
Rogue Stranger

Somewhere off the coast of Bruen a small sailing vessel awaits in the dark for some of her crew to return. The calm seas and still winds allowed the ship to set anchor very close to the dangerous reefs to the south of the capital City of Pandara. Now they wait patiently for their return.

Up in the crow’s nest the man on watch calls down, “They're coming! I see them! Directly off the port bow, several men scramble and ready the ropes.

One of the men rushes to the Captains quarters door and prepares to knock, but hesitates as he is clearly afraid of something. Then after he takes a deep breath, he knocks and says, “Captain, the crew has returned.” then he quickly steps back from the door. A few moments later the door swings open as the Captain steps on the deck. Her long red hair flows as she walks past the man. With her Irish accent she says, “What the hell took them so long? They should have been back hours ago.” Her short 5'2 frame storms across the deck as men scramble out of her way. As she looks over the edge of the ship she can see four of her crew with another man bound and with a bag over his head.

As the men board the ship with the bound stranger the Captain says to one of the men, “Ye were sent to get a map. Who the devil is he?” She motions at the man.

“I'm terribly sorry Captain.” the man starts to say, “But we done as ye says and gone to the Silver Gauntlet Tavern. We were going to meet with the man about the map but the man says he thought he gave it to a man who was already with us.” He points to the bound man. “So why the hell did ye bring him and not the map!” she yells as she takes a step firmly towards him.

He flinches and looking down says, “Begging your pardon Captain, but.”

“But what!” she yells.

“Perhaps my lady I may explain what happened next.” the bound man says through the bag over his head in a smooth Spanish accent. It grabs everyone’s attention including the Captain’s.

She walks over to him and pulls the sack off his head revealing a handsome dark haired man with a thin mustache and goatee. She looks at him in awe for a moment then she asks, “And just who the devil might ye be?”

The man smiles at the Captain and says, “My lady I am Fernando Greythorn and it is an honor to be in your presence.”

“Well Mr. Greythorn, “she says sounding a bit intrigued, “My name is...”

“You are of course are the Vixen of the Red Dawn, are you not?” Fernando says interrupting.

“Aye,” she says almost surprised, “How did you....”

Interrupting her yet again he says, “My lady your reputation precedes you”. “You are the daughter of the late renowned Pirate Captain Red Beard, you are known in the north as the Irish Vixen, across the sea you are also known as the Crimson Siren. Your beauty is a thing of legend but I see now with my own eyes that these legends are true.”

She smiles slightly and the crew seems unsure what to make of this as they rarely seen a smile on their Captains face since the death of her late Father, their former Captain. Finally one of the men says, “Captain, the map?”

Then as if from out of a trance her smile disappears as she addresses Fernando and says, “It has come to my attention that you have something that belongs to me, where is it?”

With a crooked smile Fernando says to her, “I am afraid madam I do not have the map. If you do not believe me, feel free to search for yourself.”

The comment stirs the crew a bit. The Captain is visibly angry and she glares at her crew they immediately draw silent again. Then she steps right next to Fernando and begins to pat him down in search of anything out of the ordinary. When she reaches his groin area she does not stop. She firmly checks it causing a bit of discomfort to him. Then as she completes her search she stares at him. He smiles and asks, “Did you find something you like?” The crew laughs, but only for a moment.

She turns and heads back to her quarters, when Fernando asks, “My lady if the legends of your beauty are true. May I ask if the other is true as well?”

Curious, she slowly turns and walks back as she says to him, “And what legend might that be?”

“Well it's kind of personal,” he says. “Come closer and I'll tell you.”

She gets close to him and he leans in and whispers something in her ear. A look of pure hatred over takes her and she slaps him hard across the face. Fernando liked that a little too much judging by his grin as he rubs his cheek. As she storms off again she yells out to her men, “Take him below and make sure he cannot escape! Do not harm him in any way!” She turns and faces him as she continues, “I want the pleasure of breaking him personally.” The crew erupts with excitement. She then says to her first mate, “Get us the hell out of here now. I don't care what direction.”

“Aye Captain,” he responds.

She enters her quarters and slams the door behind her. Then she leans back against the door and takes a deep breath. She is clearly shaken as she slides down the door to the floor. It is obvious that she is also very aroused and angry.