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Pirate Vixen, United Bonds

The Red Dawn gently rocked as it sat in the beautiful harbor of Cave Cove. The sun shone on Mr. Fernando Greythorn’s face. He wiped the sweat off his brow and continued to clean the ship. Captain Ariella walked up behind him and kissed him gently on the back of his neck. “Mmm, my love”, Fernando said as he turned to greet her. “Why don’t you have the other men finish this”, Ariella told him as she reached for the wet rag. “Oh but sweetheart, I like to work and work hard”, besides I want our ship to look its best for our wedding”, Fernando replied quickly pulling the wet rag away. “Oh alright, I suppose I’ll leave ye to yer work than”, she smiled as she started to walk away. Fernando snapped her with the rag on her ass. “Ouch, don’t ye dare do that again Mr. Greythorn”, she teased as she started to walk off. “Or what”, he asked in a deep throat grumble. “Or I might have to do this”, Ariella said as she quickly took her off her scarf and wrapped it around his wrist bounding him with one swift swoop of her hand. “Ahh now lass what would you do after that”, he smiled. She pushed him up against the ship and playfully bit his neck. “Mmm, I like that”, Fernando teased. Just than Calloway walked up, he was one of the newest crew members. “Captain, the ships new lines are ready and the decks are freshly swabbed”, he told her. “Aye thank ye Calloway”, Captain Ariella told him. “I’ll make sure the supplies are stowed”, he said as he turned to walked away but quickly glanced at Fernando tied up then smiled. The crew knew by now that the two were in love and nothing surprised them when it came to the Captain and Fernando.


She kissed Fernando on the forehead pushing her chest in his face. “I must be going now”, she teased Fernando. “Wait what about this”, he said holding up his bound wrist. “Untie me beautiful”, he pleaded. “Na I like you bound and tied”, she said as she sauntered away. He smiled to himself knowing in a very short time she would be his bride.