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Delphi, Greece

Temple of Apollo, Temple of Athena, Temple of Aphrodite 

Athens, Greece

Lincoln Cathedral

Book signing event

Viking Fest (Leif Erikson days) book signing

Book signing at the Author's fair 

Book signing at the Author's fair 

Iron River Rodeo Book Signing 

BAY-CON book signing 


Booksigning in Tombstone, AZ 

Booksigning in Tombstone, AZ

Kingsford Book signing 

Upcoming book signing: Lilly's place in Tombstone Az April 2023

Upcoming book signing. March 4th & 5th 2023

Book Signing at the Author's Event Esky

Doing research in Ireland 

Tucson Book Festival

Mary showing support at the Tucson book festival

Book Signing at the Lief Erikson Viking Festival


Yooper Author Book Signing

Book Signing Adverts 

Book Signing at Willow Theater

Book Signing at Delta Plaza 

News Announcement

Book signing at Trader's Sams.