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Sensual Adventures of Gin

This is my first book in a series. The main character, Gin, is in her prime and really wants to have fun. She is decides to put an ad on the net to find a special friend. The ad is answered by a very pretty young lady, who is willing to be Gin's toy, and the fun begins. They experiment with Gin's lover Asher and soon find themselves tangled in bed with loves of orgasm's. In the week to come Gin decides to meet Asher at a club and have a few drinks, as they are unwinding she notices her new special friend on the dance floor with some young cocky punk. He is all over Gin's friend Skye. With a bit of jealousy Gin marches up to them only to find she is turned on by this guy and she really doesn't want to show it. Find out what happens next when she invites the two of them back to her place.