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Breaking (Jennifer) Dawn: No one's submissive

Breaking (Jennifer) Dawn Nobody's SubmissiveThis book takes you into the fantasy world of strong, independent, Ms. Jennifer a.k.a. Gin and her desires and struggles between pleasure and pain. She finds herself wondering just how far the man that she loves is willing to take the bedroom games they play and if he will draw the line they agreed upon.On more than one occasion Jennifer wanted to be the one in charge and soon she will have her chance but will she be able to draw the line? The book escapes into two of the main characters fantasy's, one of her being dominated and the other one of her showing her dominance, giving the reader a look into one woman's perspective on both the dominance and submissive sides of sexual pleasures. This erotic book will leave you craving for more. 2nd edition book in the "Sensual Adventures of Gin", collection by Gin Peace.