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Chance's Story A Prequel to the Pirate Vixen Series

Chance's story takes a look into the life of the famous Elvin character from the Pirate Vixen Series. Many Characters from The incredible Pirate Vixen Series make an appearance in this book; such as Thurber, The famous Captain Redbeard, Captain Ariella before she was Captain of the Red Dawn (she was just a wee lass), Torgus and a few others to the readers surprise. The story delves deep into his life starting with his mother Cahira and builds up to the time she meets his father. The story continues on his parents journey and their life with lots of twists and whimsy. The book covers Chance's childhood and all the magical adventures he undertakes. On Chance's journey it is not always magical though, sometimes it is very nightmarish especially when it comes to the evil ORC's. This Prequel of the Pirate Vixen Series will throw you into the life and times of this Elvin boy turn warrior. Race through Fall Haven with Chance and find out if he in fact does find love with the Red head Vixen.