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Jennifer Pease (Jen) is an author of fantasy, fiction, historic, romance & erotic genres. Jen first started her writing career in 2006 concentrating on it more seriously from 2009 onwards & to date, she has published 8 books.


MY LOVE FOR DISNEY is Jen's first book which she published in 2016. Jen shares a very personal account of her own experience, living the dream in all things Disney. 


Jen takes you back in history to a time of pirates in a captivating story filled with romance, adventure, battles & magic in her Pirate Vixen Series RED DAWN, TEST OF FATE & UNITED BONDS.


Jennifer also has a pen name Gin Peace for her books SENSUAL ADVENTURES of GIN & BREAKING (Jennifer) DAWN. This is her more erotic collection which will certainly leave you craving for more. Her newest book VIKING, SAGA of FRIGGA & JOHAN is the first in her Viking series, full of great battles & raids in an incredible saga, including a love story like no other. 


Step aboard ship & join Jen as she casts off to explore more thrilling journeys across the seas to faraway lands in her many new adventures soon to be published.  "No ocean or sea can keep ye from me".


You can find Jen on Amazon, Authors Guild, Goodreads, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest & YouTube.


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Some of Jen's Titles
My Love for Disney,
Pirate Vixen Test of Fate,
Vikings Saga of Johan & Frigga,
Breaking Jennifer Dawn

Sensual Adventures 

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One of my newest books to hit the shelves. Available in paperback and ebook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads and soon iTunes.First book in the series. 

Pirate Vixen Series

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Author Jennifer Pease

Sensual Adventures 

Sensual Adventures & Irish Vixen 

Jennifer Pease's Business card

Upcoming Character 

Lilly is a dance hall singer in


the Sacramento Valley of


California, during the gold


rush era of the wild west.

Chance's Story, Prequet to Pirate Vixen Series

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