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Information about Jennifer

Pirate Vixen Trilogy & Prequel

All 10 of my books 

Lilly' story, Ghost town photo shoot

All of my books

Available books 

Viking Series

Some of Jen's Titles
My Love for Disney,
Pirate Vixen Test of Fate,
Vikings Saga of Johan & Frigga,
Breaking Jennifer Dawn

Sensual Adventures 

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One of my newest books to hit the shelves. Available in paperback and ebook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads and soon iTunes.First book in the series. 

Pirate Vixen Series

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Sensual Adventures 

Sensual Adventures & Irish Vixen 

Jennifer Pease's Business card

Latest Book 

Lilly is a dance hall singer in


the Sacramento Valley of


California, during the gold


rush era of the wild west.

Chance's Story, Prequet to Pirate Vixen Series


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