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Information about Jennifer

My dog Copper checking out my new banner

Author Jennifer Pease

Pirate Trilogy & Prequel 

Viking Series

Some of Jen's Titles
My Love for Disney,
Pirate Vixen Test of Fate,
Vikings Saga of Johan & Frigga,
Breaking Jennifer Dawn

Sensual Adventures 

Pirate Vixen Series Logo

One of my newest books to hit the shelves. Available in paperback and ebook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads and soon iTunes.First book in the series. 

Pirate Vixen Series

Sensual Adventures Business card

Author Jennifer Pease

Sensual Adventures 

Sensual Adventures & Irish Vixen 

Jennifer Pease's Business card

Upcoming Character 

Lilly is a dance hall singer in


the Sacramento Valley of


California, during the gold


rush era of the wild west.

Chance's Story, Prequet to Pirate Vixen Series


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