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Information about Jennifer

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Author Jennifer Pease

Pirate Trilogy & Prequel 

Viking Series



 Jennifer (Jen) lives in the beautiful Upper Peninsula, several hours from the big city where she once grew up; however, this doesn't stop her from traveling all over the world. She has a love for her Yooper lifestyle and takes great pride in where she lives and all that her area has to offer such as hunting, fishing and camping and lots of great outdoor activities. She enjoys traveling from road trips on her Harley to going overseas where she gains inspiration for her next book. Jen is always writing her next book or thinking about it. She went to school at NMU and Bay College where she has obtained degree's in business and computer science. She has a love for history and genealogy and has traced her family tree as far back as the 1100's and continues to work on her family history. She loves photography, playing pool, playing poker, shooting at the range, archery, throwing her axes and knives, motorcycles, fast cars, watching mud drags and tractor pulls, enjoying her sauna, bonfires, the Green Bay Packers, and going to spa's. She loves doing volunteer work at the VA hospital and in her community and supports Save the Children, Patriot's and Vets Rights. She also really enjoys going to theme parks. She enjoyed singing with her friends band for a time and was in choir and has won 1st place in wench's content at Ren Fairs. She also loves spending time with her family and her fur babies. Her pin name is Gin Peace.


Jen starting writing her book, "My love for Disney", and when her book came out that very day she was posing to take a picture with it her phone rang and it was her sister to tell her that her mother passed away. This was very painful for Jennifer and although for a short time she wanted nothing to do with celebrating her book she thought about what her Mother would want for her and realized her Mother would want her to carry on and be proud of herself and that is what she did and when she started taking care of her father David who took ill with cancer at a pretty young age still in his 40's. She would sit for hours with him and in those hours she would write in her book to escape the pain of seeing her Father suffer and that book was the first in the Pirate Vixen Series, The Red Dawn. She poured every ounce of energy and emotion she had left into her book and her character. She heard from several readers about how real the book felt and how close they got to the characters and how they wanted more and so she wrote not one but two more books in the series and wrote the prequel, "Chance's Story". She also started her Pin Name Gin Peace for her erotic and more violent books (Vikings) as she wanted to separate those from her other books. So she wrote Sensual Adventures of Gin, Breaking Jennifer Dawn and everybody's favorite Vikings, Saga of Johan and Frigga which is a series.


In the future Jennifer intends to continue to write and travel. She intends to write Lilly's story about a beautiful saloon singer in the wild west of the 1800's of Sacramento California Gold Rush days and she would love to write more of her Sensual Adventure books and perhaps a few more surprises for her readers.



Some of Jen's Titles
My Love for Disney,
Pirate Vixen Test of Fate,
Vikings Saga of Johan & Frigga,
Breaking Jennifer Dawn

Sensual Adventures 

Pirate Vixen Series Logo

One of my newest books to hit the shelves. Available in paperback and ebook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads and soon iTunes.First book in the series. 

Pirate Vixen Series

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Author Jennifer Pease

Sensual Adventures 

Sensual Adventures & Irish Vixen 

Jennifer Pease's Business card

Upcoming Character 

Lilly is a dance hall singer in


the Sacramento Valley of


California, during the gold


rush era of the wild west.

Chance's Story, Prequet to Pirate Vixen Series


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